Ampace C5 Transforms Commercial and Industrial Energy Storage

No-cooling all-temperature control technology cuts operational costs by 46% over ten years compared to auxiliary sources

DUBAI, UAE, April 19, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Ampace has unveiled its latest innovation recently, the Ampace C5, an all-in-one energy storage facility for commercial and industrial applications, marking a significant step in advancing sustainable energy solutions.

In the Middle East, battery demand has surged as a preferred choice for energy storage, driven by technology advancements and cost reductions. This growth is fuelled by rising renewable energy use, the need for stable power supply, and aging grid infrastructure. However, the market faces a hurdle with the initial investment needed for battery systems.

The Ampace C5 features “No Cooling and All Temperature Range Control,” marking a breakthrough in structural design and battery cell technology. Compared to auxiliary sources, it reduces operational costs by 46 percent over ten years, setting a new standard for energy storage in commercial and industrial sectors. It offers unparalleled reliability and economic efficiency.

The “No Cooling and All Temperature Range Control” solution breaks away from conventional liquid and air-cooling methods, adopting a streamlined design for broader temperature operation.

The Kunlun Battery Cell 2.0, powered by the innovative GT40 technology, features new cathode and anode materials, new electrolyte materials, and a double-headed battery tab structure. This advancement significantly improves thermal stability, ensuring high reliability and long-lasting performance across various working environments compared to previous battery cells.

Dr. Yuan Qingfeng, R&D Director of Ampace, said, “We are committed to creating ultra-high-quality products, embracing cutting-edge technologies, and integrating ecological friendliness and technological innovation in our journey towards green transformation.”

Furthermore, Ampace C5 incorporates Ampace’s proprietary “Shield Cell” technology to contain thermal runaway in battery cells. The explosion-relief valve on the top of the cabinet provides a safer method for handling explosions and safeguarding personnel and property.

Ampace expects to begin mass production of Ampace C5 in July 2024. The battery will demonstrate its exceptional capabilities in 5G base stations, IDC data centers, integrated PV and ESS charging stations, automobile battery swapping, and other critical sectors.

With its outstanding technical performance, Ampace C5 delivers a cost-effective and reliable energy solution, presenting significant profit opportunities for users.

Ampace C5’s cutting-edge technology and cost-efficiency make it a key solution for addressing the growing battery demand in the Middle East. This aligns with the region’s focus on sustainable energy solutions and economic efficiency.

During the Ampace C5 launch press conference, Ampace signed a strategic cooperation agreement with TUV Rheinland. This partnership aims to drive innovation in energy storage products and technologies, foster integrated development across the industrial chain, and collaborate in areas such as talent development. The goal is to support global energy security and advance green, low-carbon and sustainable development.

Amid the global pursuit of sustainability, Ampace is leading a transformation in the CIES sector with its innovative technologies and high-quality products, making significant contributions to the adoption of green energy.

Ampace Technology Limited stands as a globally acclaimed innovator in new energy technologies, committed to delivering green energy solutions with ultimate user experience to forge the world ahead and empower a better life.The company is known with world class R&D and manufacturing of a complete chain Li ion battery products a from “Cell-Battery Pack-System Integration”.

In the realm of energy storage, e-mobility, power tools, vacuum cleaners, drones, and more, Ampace has established extensive strategic partnerships with industry leaders. The company provides new energy products and services characterized by ultimate safety, reliability, performance, and user experience, serving over 41 million customers in 29 countries and regions worldwide.


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