Reverse engineering helps Qatari influencer Alabdulla understand his audience

MENA Newswire: While global research shows that changing consumer habits lead brands to digital strategies; influencer marketing has started to come to the fore. According to Meltwater, sponsored posts shared in H1 2022 increased by 26.7%, while the total number of sponsored posts approached 3.8 million. Gulf countries were also affected by this trend.

Reverse engineering helps Qatari influencer Alabdulla understand his audienceMubarak Faraj Alabdulla, who debuted in 2019 by sharing photos with his @broq brand, stands out with his recent collaborations with brands. Alabdulla is one of the names that represent the lifestyle of the Gulf countries in the digital environment.

Alabdulla, a mechanical engineer who continues his career as a photographer, said: “Consumers care about real and authentic experiences, and this is what they expect from influencers.” He further commented on his experience as a creative content producer: “I started to see Instagram as a platform where I could express myself and explore my passion for producing creative content.”

Alabdulla, who soon became a lifestyle influencer, revealed that he used his academic knowledge to understand his target audience and present the desired content with his unique creative perspective. “It is like problem-solving. This way, I develop strategies while creating content that can interest my followers,” he said.

With nearly 50 thousand followers, @broq‘s creative content reflecting a lifestyle reaches tens of thousands of people. His success also attracts the attention of the brands. Having signed projects with online food ordering company Talabat and Mitsubishi Motors, he also works with more than 15 restaurants.

Mubarak Faraj Alabdulla aims to embody his brand by associating it with a company and continue to inspire people in the Gulf with his creative content. He also has a plan to write a book. Alabdulla, who is getting closer to creating a successful business model with the @broq brand, has suggestions for those who want to produce content on social media: “Know no bounds on creativity, and don’t be afraid to try new content ideas.”